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Quality assurance

At PANFLIGHT SENSORS, ensuring quality in the manufacturing of sensors, joysticks and electronic boards for the heavy automotive line is fundamental to the safety and efficiency of products. Below, we detail our main processes.

To ensure the functionality of our products, we carry out rigorous testing:

Functional testing: We check all basic component functions, ensuring that each part operates as specified.

Performance tests: We evaluate efficiency under extreme conditions, which is vital for components used in harsh environments.

Compatibility testing: We ensure that our products work seamlessly with other automotive systems.

Fatigue analysis: We test the resistance of components to repetitive cycles, essential for the longevity of the systems.

Stress testing: We subject our products to extreme conditions to identify potential failures before release.

Temperature Tests: Ensure efficient operation in extreme climates.

Humidity tests: Guarantee corrosion resistance.

Vibration and Shock Tests: Simulate impacts and vibrations from transportation and use, critical to reliability in the field.

To meet the rigorous quality standards of the sectors in which we operate, we follow:

ABNT ISO9001:2015 Certification: This certification highlights our commitment to quality, ensuring well-documented and monitored processes.

Each step, from testing to certifications, is interconnected to produce robust, reliable electronics essential for demanding automotive applications.

In short, meticulous attention to quality at each phase of the development and production of electronic products is critical to ensuring the necessary safety, efficiency and durability, particularly in the automotive sector, where operating conditions are often extreme and performance expectations are high.


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