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Who We Are

PANFLIGHT SENSORS was created in 2010 with the aim of meeting the needs of the market for electronic replacement parts for heavy machines. With a solid foundation in three fundamental pillars - quality, technology and competitiveness - we specialize in the development and manufacturing of sensors, HMIs and electronic boards for harvesters, tractors, planters, sprayers, excavators and other heavy automotive equipment.

Located in Piracicaba, in the state of São Paulo, PANFLIGHT SENSORS began operating in the sugar and alcohol market, developing sensors for sugar cane harvesters. We quickly expanded into other sectors such as mining and construction, where we developed joysticks and gear selector switches. Over time, we also met the demands of the agricultural market, creating sensors and electronic boards for soybean, corn and cotton planters and harvesters.

We currently have PANFLIGHT U.S.A., a distribution center in the United States, dedicated to serving the American market, as well as countries in Central and South America.

Discover how PANFLIGHT SENSORS can meet your needs with quality, technology and competitiveness, providing robust and precise solutions for your operations.


With a team of qualified professionals in the field of Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, PANFLIGHT SENSORS uses its development laboratory to find simple and intelligent solutions to the challenges that arise.


We value quality from design to after-sales. To do this, we develop our own Test Units for each product developed and carefully select our suppliers and raw materials. We are always attentive to offering our customers the best products and great service.


Aware of the market's needs, at PANFLIGHT SENSORS we seek to fully exceed expectations regarding cost, deadline and quality. Our sales and support teams are always ready to offer excellent service to each customer, with the respect and attention that we prioritize so much.




Build, through knowledge, work and technology, conditions that favor customers, employees, partners and partners to achieve their own goals.



Develop, produce and sell automotive electronic parts, efficiently, with high quality and according to customer needs, providing heavy machines with maximum availability in agricultural production, energy generation, infrastructure, and forest-based products.



To be an original supplier for the most important companies in all segments served by PANFLIGHT SENSORS.



We are aware that our customers give us the reason for our activity. We work with integrity, complying with all standards and legislation applicable to our industry. We strive for a healthy and safe work environment, based on the principles of respect and professionalism.

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